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Mission statement


We strive to provide each student with an up-to-date high-quality holistic education through humane pedagogy and active learning in a happy, caring, and supportive environment.

We build a community by bringing together students from different cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds in Tbilisi, Georgia, teaching them to respect the local traditions, appreciate diversity and be aware of global perspectives.


Our Vision


We envision our graduates as broad-minded, confident, self-aware people, understanding their strengths, independent and ready to take responsibility for their lives and become full members of the modern global society. They will be flexible, open to different points of view, but having their own opinion and able to defend it, able to take risks and try new things, reflective and conscious of themselves and the world around them, with well-developed critical thinking and information skills, communication and teamwork skills, ready for lifelong learning.


Through our Curriculum we aim to:  

  • Provide a broad and balanced learning experience ensuring understanding and skills in core subjects;  

  • Build up student’s confidence, mindfulness and self-understanding through a choice of elective subjects, practical psychology classes, supportive learning environment, and a range of activities, teaching approaches, and events; 

  • Promote a positive attitude towards learning, so that children enjoy coming to school, and acquire a solid basis for life-long learning;

  • Improve the level of general and academic English proficiency among all our students so that they can further access international education and become full members of the modern global society;  

  • Introduce all our students to Georgian, the local language, and the Georgian history and culture so that they can integrate in and respect the local community;

  • Develop the first language continuously, achieve a deep understanding of the first language culture;

  • Develop digital literacy and information processing skills for living in the modern technological world;  

  • Cater for the diverse needs and priorities of our students and their families through inclusion, support classes, a choice of monolingual and a bilingual stream in the curriculum, a range of teaching styles and techniques;

  • Provide enrichment opportunities where learning and teaching can take place beyond the classroom;

  • Provide opportunities to apply knowledge and learning in practical ways through project work and practical lessons;

  • Develop communication, social, and teamwork skills;

  • Enable our students to be creative and to develop their own thinking through teaching approaches;

  • Develop in our students cultural awareness, openness, tolerance, and appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity in the world;  

  • Develop a concern for the environment and the wider global community; encourage responsibility and readiness to take action towards a good cause; 

  • Develop in our students soft skills, values and qualities necessary for taking their place in society as confident, responsible and informed global citizens.

Projector School Values
Humane Pedagogy
  • The school is student-centred: we respect and care for each and every one of our students.

  • We focus not only on the students’ academic achievements, but equally on their well-being. 

  • We believe that school is not something that happens before real life begins but that school years constitute a large part of a person’s life and thus these years should be happy and meaningful.

Welcoming Innovations
  • We strive unceasingly to teach in a manner informed by and consistent with the best contemporary educational practices and innovations.

  • We believe in constant development and flexibility which allow us to meet new challenges.

Active Learning
  • Students learn by trying and doing, not by passively reading textbooks or listening to teachers.

  • We believe that teaching is a process of challenging, inspiring, supporting, and guiding the students on their path to knowledge.

Community Building
  • We grow a community of fellow inquirers, uniting students, teachers, and families in dialogue built on mutual respect.

  • We believe that while education cannot make people best friends, it can and should make people more open, more tolerant towards one another, more able to resolve conflicts and find common ground.

+995 551 157 918

39 Sairme Str, Tbilisi (Georgia)


©2019 by Projector School. 

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